Divine Mother Wisdom Gems From 2021 and 2022

.A 79 page ebook containing over 80 Divine Wisdom messages from Divine Mother, facilitated by Connie Huebner. Compiled and edited by Sandra MacKenzie

Over 80 Special Messages from Divine Mother for You

You Can Work Through Anything

Living In Your Divinity Is Very Practical

You Think You Are Alone

Words of Love Are Powerful

Give Your Pain to Divine Mother

A Beautiful Time for Humans

You Have Powerful Skills

Divine Mother Is Here for You

Trusting Gives You Security

You Are Never Too Old to Change

Any many more…..

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About Connie Huebner

Connie has developed a personal relationship with Divine Mother. She converses with Her all of the time. She describes it as the most powerful, passionate and loving experience she has have ever known. Connie wants to help others develop this Divine Relationship. She has created simple tools and techniques to help her students enter into their own very personal relationship with Divine Mother. The verbal vibrational healing methods that she has developed to get to know Divine Mother are called Divine Mother Healing Tools. 

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