Advanced Programs

Connie Huebner has done intense spiritual work for more than 40 years to develop her unique ability to connect to the energies of Divine Mother. Connie wants to share her extraordinary experiences with you. 

With Connie’s facilitation of Divine Mother’s presence, people have healed life issues in the areas of relationships, life purpose, finances, self-esteem, health, spirituality, and much more.

Through the programs she is offering, you can learn to connect to Divine Mother within yourself and have the relationship with Her that most have only dreamed of. Mother God is the creator of the universe. She knows how to guide you successfully in all phases of life. In these programs, you learn to align yourself with Her great creative power and bring that power more fully into every area of your life for a richer, more joyful experience.

All of the programs offered here are available to you remotely by webcast, teleconference, Zoom or Skype. When you register for any of the programs, you will be given instructions on how to attend.

“Connie provides a completely safe, loving environment where you immediately go very deeply within yourself. Then Connie sits you in the lap of Divine Mother where you feel complete unconditional love. The healing and wisdom that I have received has not only cleared emotional and physical wounds and challenges, but has brought deep ease, calm, simple joy and wholeness into my life. Working with Connie is like getting on the fast track of evolution!

The Ascension Program (membership)

Receive distant energy healings, weekly knowledge and healing sessions and learn vibrational healing skills. 

Ascension is the full experience of your Oneness with God on all levels, physical as well as spiritual, mental and vibrational. The physical body is maintained, but it becomes completely spiritualized. This marks the pinnacle of the evolution of your material existence. Your physical body is transmuted by filling it with Divine energies. Ascension is a transformation at the cellular and atomic levels of your system.

During this program, Light is infused into your cells daily by Divine Mother, facilitated by Connie. You are given homework exercises that change the way you approach life in your thinking and behavior.

Ascension is the direction we are all headed. In this powerful interactive program, you will learn about the ascension process and participate in it directly. 

In the Ascension Program you will receive:

  • Distant Energy Healings by Connie with Divine Mother, each and every day of the year. These deep healings keep your system immersed in Divine energy to consistently promote the power of your spiritual growth and progress.
  • Weekly knowledge teleconference meetings to update you on what Divine Mother is doing for you in the daily energy healing sessions, and to inform you about the increasingly refined energy coming into the planet and how that will be impacting you.
  • Divine Mother’s guidance and comments in reference to your personal experiences.
  • Knowledge about Ascension, the birth right of every human being.
  • Developing vibrational skills for your own healing and to help Mother Earth transform.
  • A written transcript and a link to the recorded weekly knowledge meeting.

You do not have to attend any of the meetings to gain the benefits. Some people even join primarily to receive the daily distant energy healings. You’ll receive a daily infusion of Divine Mother’s Divine Light directly into your cells. This program of daily submersion in Divine Love and Divine Grace continuously raises your vibration to a higher level.

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Regarding the distant energy healing (prayers), Divine Mother has said: “These are not ordinary prayers that you are being brought in to every day. They are the prayers of Divine Mother. They are the intensity of focus of Divine Mother on you every day to transfigure your system, to create a Divine physical body so that as you walk around on this earth plane, you have access to all the power of good in the universe.”

Dialogue with Divine Mother

Learn How to Talk with Divine Mother

Not only can you learn to talk to Divine Mother, but every human being can learn to talk to Divine Mother. We are all Divine Beings in physical form, so it’s natural to be able to access Divine intelligence at our own deepest level. Getting there should also be natural, which means easy.

The same Source that structures the Universe also structures our human energy system. In this course, Connie teaches simple techniques to access that Source, and to remain aware at that level of the source of creation. Here we can access the Cosmic intelligence, our own Divine intelligence. You will learn how to communicate with Divine Mother, the governing administrator and creator of the  universe. You will also learn how to test the truth of messages that you receive. With these techniques, you have the key to Divine Dialogue. Once learned, you can easily practice these methods and receive the guidance of Divine Mother.

Working with Divine Mother Energy Tools

Connie has found that limitations and negativity in our energy system block communication with Divine Mother. To address that, every student in this course receives the complete set of Divine Mother Healing Tools, the same tools that Connie uses in her healing sessions. You will learn how and when to use each tool to clear blocks from your own energy system. Students are encouraged to use the tools to self-heal throughout the course. Just reading them, you will find your subtle perceptions developing, which deepens the Dialogue process. In class discussions, students share results of this practice, so that Divine Mother may give additional individual guidance.

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“The Dialogue with Divine Mother Course is the most wonderful gift I ever gave myself and I practice speaking with Divine Mother nearly every day. Often, during ordinary daily life, I lose touch with Divine Mother, with my health, with happiness, with myself.  My perception of myself is limited.  But hearing wisdom from Divine Mother takes me to a whole new dimension where I feel lighter, I can let go of challenges, and know myself as the source of all health, happiness, and power.” 

Grace Carter, Iowa

Living in Divine Grace

A Practitioner Training and Certification Course to advance your ability to communicate with Divine Mother and heal with mastery

This course is for both those who wish to use these tools professionally and those who wish to use them privately.

The prerequisite for this course is the completion of the Dialogue With Divine Mother Course.

This course provides:

  • Profound healing sessions to strengthen your Divine connection
  • Advanced training in using Divine Mother’s tools to heal individuals and Mother Earth
  • Refinement of your ability to receive Divine Mother’s wisdom
  • An intimate working relationship with Divine Mother
  • Certification as a Divine Mother Healing Practitioner

Connie Huebner personally conducts this course and certifies all Divine Mother Healing practitioners.

“The LDG course is really developing the experiences that started in Dialogue. Over these months, I’ve found my experience of Divine Mother deepening, and the depth and clarity of my inner perception expanding. It’s also obvious now that giving healings for others means that Divine Mother heals me as well, in very subtle and profound ways. I’m helping the world and myself at the same time.” J.S., Iowa

“My Dialogue class was a treasure chest of jewels that changed my perspective of painful experiences into knowing that I can live in divine grace. The LDG class is building on that, really grounding me in the experience of Divine Grace all the time. I’m in balance, and learning to do healings for my family now is really changing my world.” L.T., Arizona

“The Living in Divine Grace course opened up more possibilities for me than I could have ever imagined. Now I’m able to remain connected to Divine Mother and other Divine Beings most of the time, so I’ve got assurance that I’m truly loved no matter what. Plus, the knowledge and skills we learned give me confidence about doing healings. Everything in my life now seems to be unfolding just right.” 

R.S., Pennsylvania

Great Awakenings

Take Divine Mother Guidance and Healing to the Next Level

Prerequisite: Living in Divine Grace Course (See Above)

Divine Mother and Connie formed this course to research the depths of our consciousness and see how far we can go into the unbounded Infinite. As LDG graduates, these individuals have the skills to explore deep levels of healing and union with the Divine.  

The goals of this program include, but are not limited to:
1. Refining the use of Divine Mother Vibrational Tools;
2. Healing large groups; 
3. Developing special perceptions;
4. Healing governments;
5. Healing global and interdimensional negativity;
6. Gaining expertise moving in and out of Source at will;
7. Healing skills to support the process of dying;

Details: Great Awakenings meets once a month for 5 hours. This course is an ongoing membership program available in six- or twelve-month installments. A six-month membership is $295, and twelve-month membership is $575.


“Connie provides a completely safe, loving environment where you immediately go very deeply within yourself. Then Connie sits you in the lap of Divine Mother where you feel complete unconditional love. The healing and wisdom that I have received has not only cleared emotional and physical wounds and challenges, but has brought deep ease, calm, simple joy and wholeness into my life. Working with Connie is like getting on the fast track of evolution!”

Bee Divine Embodiment

Programs for Women to Embody the Sacred Feminine

Connie’s daughter, Elizabeth, is an ordained Minister and Priestess of the Divine Mother Church. In addition to co-teaching Dialogue with Divine Mother courses with Connie, and offering private Divine Mother healing sessions, Elizabeth offers programs for women focused on embodying the Sacred Feminine.

The Divine Mother Church celebrates the Sacred Feminine across all traditions. In Elizabeth’s Bee Divine Embodiment programs, women are taught deep vibrational healing practices as well as how to commune with Divine Mother and receive Her wisdom. Divine Mother teaches that we are all whole and one with Mother-Father God, and that anyone may have a personal relationship with the Divine, and that this union lies within.

Her work focuses on bringing all parts of the Self into wholeness and activating aliveness through embodiment practices, breathwork, and ritual theater. Her offerings seek to ignite the sacred remembrance of Divine Presence and support its embodied integration for the purpose of metamorphosis, expansion, and the healing of our planet.

Visit her website for more information:

“Elizabeth’s light touch and playful spirit, coupled with a charismatic presence, make her an absolute joy to work with. She has the experience, wisdom, and facility to offer whatever guidance is needed, stepping in and stepping back with intention and grace. Elizabeth empowered me to do my deepest work. She was adept at sensing what I needed, and her first priority was to support my process. In doing so, she allowed the seeds of my own creativity, purpose, and vision to fully flower, while she was there to inspire, affirm, and celebrate. I saw us as partners in a profound and mysterious endeavor. Thank you Elizabeth, for a life-changing experience.”

-Merrill Gruver, Redwood City, CA, USA

Connie Huebner

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DISCLAIMER:  I, Connie Huebner, assist people to clear their mind, heart, and body’s energy flow which often releases innate healing ability. I also receive knowledge from within myself which comes from my personal connection to what I believe is God, Divine Mother. I offer these services in the hope that they might enhance other’s experience of Mother God within and help them with life’s journey and challenges.

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