Podcasts – “Divine Mother and Me”

Connie shares with you her search for the Kingdom Within and how she developed a relationship with Divine Mother, wisdom from Divine Mother, and how you too can develop an intimate relationship with Divine Mother.

"Divine Mother and Me" - episode 1 (9/8/20)

by Connie Huebner

Connie Huebner

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DISCLAIMER:  I, Connie Huebner, assist people to clear their mind, heart, and body’s energy flow which often releases innate healing ability. I also receive knowledge from within myself which comes from my personal connection to what I believe is God, Divine Mother. I offer these services in the hope that they might enhance other’s experience of Mother God within and help them with life’s journey and challenges.

I am not a medical doctor, attorney, psychiatrist, therapist or other licensed health professional. I do not diagnose, cure, heal, or treat disease, or give psychological treatment.     More