The Living in Divine Grace Course

New Course Starting Sunday, March 24th, 2023


Taught by Connie Huebner and Divine Mother

A Year Long Advanced Training for Graduates of Dialogue with Divine Mother

In the Dialogue course, students learn self-healing, as well as how to connect with Divine Mother to receive Wisdom and personal guidance.

In Living in Divine Grace, students become more proficient in maintaining contact with the Source, the Quantum Field, where Divine Mother resides. This allows for deeper Wholeness of awareness to develop, which in turn enables deeper healing to take place.

From these deeper levels, LDG students use the Divine Mother Vibrational Tools to facilitate healing for themselves and for others. Throughout the course, they facilitate healing sessions for each other, discuss the results, and give reports in class. Students are also encouraged to facilitate healings for friends and family, and some may elect to begin working with clients. They also practice using the Tools for social, political, and environmental issues.

Each class includes a deep healing from Divine Mother and Connie. In this healing, students dialogue with Divine Mother and other Divine Friends, sharing the Wisdom they receive. They are then given further instructions to deepen this connection and extend the dialogue process by receiving answers to questions.

Although most students take this course primarily to deepen their connection with Divine Mother and their skill in healing, they also learn the art of professional conduct and development, should they desire to become professional healers.

Divine Mother and Connie teach this year-long course in one 5-hour class each month.

You Will Receive

• Profound healing sessions to strengthen your Divine connection

• Advanced training in using Divine Mother’s tools to heal individuals and Mother Earth

• Refinement of your ability to receive Divine Mother’s wisdom

• An intimate working relationship with Divine Mother

• Certification as a Divine Mother Healing Practitioner (Optional)


The LDG course is really developing the experiences that started in Dialogue. Over these months, I’ve found my experience of Divine Mother deepening, and the depth and clarity of my inner perception expanding. It’s also obvious now that giving healings for others means that Divine Mother heals me as well, in very subtle and profound ways. I’m helping the world and myself at the same time.

J.S Iowa

My Dialogue class was a treasure chest of jewels that changed my perspective of painful experiences into knowing that I can live in divine grace. The LDG class is building on that, really grounding me in the experience of Divine Grace all the time. I’m in balance, and learning to do healings for my family now is really changing my world.

L.T., Arizona

The  Living in Divine Grace course opened up more possibilities for me than I could have ever imagined. Now I’m able to remain connected to Divine Mother and other Divine Beings most of the time, so I’ve got assurance that I’m truly loved no matter what. Plus, the knowledge and skills we learned have given me the confidence to do healings. Everything in my life seems to be unfolding in a good way now.

R.S. Pennsylvania

Frequently Asked Questions


When does the course start? Sunday, March 24th at 12 noon Central Time USA.

What is the class schedule? The class is from 11 AM noon until 4 PM Central Time USA, except for the first class which starts at 12 noon.

What dates does the class meet? The dates of the classes will be announced during the first class.

What if I can’t attend a class live? No problem, a recorded replay of each class will be sent to you.

How do I attend the class? The class is held on the Zoom video conferencing platform.

What is the course fee? One payment of $1675 or four monthly payments of $425 or twelve monthly payments of $148.

How can I contact you if I have a question? Use the contact form below.


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One Payment of $1675

Four Monthly Payment of $425 ($1700)

Twelve Monthly Payments of $148 ($1776)

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