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Softening Exercise

Divine Love

Break Command

Go Command

Closing Holes in Your Aura

Aura Empowerment

Divine Light

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A free deep energy healing session with Divine Mother 
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Using vibrational healing tools, Connie Huebner will guide you on a profound inner journey into Divine Mother’s presence. You will be dipped in and out of the Infinite Source of creation to heal and dissolve blocks that inhibit the flow of your life energy. Learn more.

Next Free Deep Energy Healing:
Free Healing and Divine Knowledge for the Present World Situation
Wednesday, April 11th, 10.00am. CST

Listen to and participate in a recorded Divine Mother Blessing for you, your friends and 
family, and for our world.

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You will also find free introductions to Divine Mother Guidance and Healing Advanced Programs such as the Ascension Program and the Dialogue with Divine Mother course.

“Outstanding! This is a very brilliant and loving meditation. Thank you from my heart.”

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Divine Mother Church

Attend Sunday Service by Teleconference or in Person

We invite you to attend our Divine Mother Church services each Sunday, 11:00 am to 12:00 pm Central Time. Divine Mother Church is an all-denominational church honoring the Divine Mother in all spiritual traditions. It was founded by Rev. Connie Huebner in 2003. We focus on giving you the experience of the Divinity within you. Our services are lead by Divine Mother ordained ministers. They include a deep healing, prayers for others, and prayers for Mother Earth. You will leave this service refreshed and transformed and ready to handle your life from a Divine perspective.

Join us in person or by teleconference. To attend by teleconference, simply dial: 1-712-770-8027 and enter the code: 468716. No need to register.

To attend in person, come to 51 N. Court Street, Fairfield, Iowa. Use the east entrance at the back of the building.


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 Divine Mother Church is a charitable organization which supports people in need through its outreach activities.

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