What is Happening in the World?

Divine Mother’s Guidance for the World Situation

This 51 page ebook contains 12 special messages from Divine Mother, as facilitated by Connie Heubner.

These messages offer practical advice on how to use the Divine Mother Vibrational Tools to increase peace, happiness, and well-being.

Recorded in 2020 from the Divine Mother Empowerment Series Classes, these messages are designed to help you navigate these challenging times.

12 Special Messages from Divine Mother for You

You Are Not Helpless

We Are Moving Into a New Way of Life Based in Love

The Human Race Is in a Huge Arc of Evolution

A More Intense Love Vibration Is Changing the Earth

You Are What Is Important at This Time

Your Innate Divinity Is Coming Forth

The Human Physical Structure Is Regaining Its Perfection

Trust That There Will Be a Very Good and Beautiful Outcome

The Power of Love Is Lifting the Vibration of the Earth

What Appears to Be Chaos Is Part of a Larger Reorganization into More Love and Truth

Your Destiny Is Conscious Union with God

Your Heart Can Guide You Through This Time

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About Connie Huebner

Connie has developed a personal relationship with Divine Mother. She converses with Her all of the time. She describes it as the most powerful, passionate and loving experience she has have ever known. Connie wants to help others develop this Divine Relationship. She has created simple tools and techniques to help her students enter into their own very personal relationship with Divine Mother. The verbal vibrational healing methods that she has developed to get to know Divine Mother are called Divine Mother Healing Tools. 

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