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Divine Mother Healing by Connie Huebner. Order your copy today.

Vibrational Healing Tools for Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

For many years, Connie Huebner has been investigating the deeper reaches of consciousness, and in her explorations she has developed a direct communication with the Divine Mother of the Universe. Divine Mother has asked Connie to share the Vibrational Healing Tools that she uncovered in her own personal journey with Mother God.

Divine Mother wants a personal relationship with each of you. Working with these Vibrational Healing Tools brings about deep healing as well as a profound connection to Divine Mother. Thousands of people world-wide have benefited from the use of these Tools in Connie’s sessions and classes.

Now this same set of Tools is being made available in her new book Divine Mother Healing to empower everyone to heal themselves and meet the Mother of the Universe.


Align yourself with the love of Divine Mother with 25 different vibrational healing tools.


Become your own energy healer for physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges.


Protect yourself from negative influences in your environment.


Create positive transformations in your personal and professional relationships.


Cultivate self-love and self-acceptance.

A Powerful Guide for Healing and Spiritual Awakening

“I love Connie Huebner’s profound work that was born of her deep connection to Divine Mother. In this spectacular book, Divine Mother Healing, Connie offers tools that can transform any challenge and bring the experience of greater love into your daily life. What a powerful guide for healing and spiritual awakening.”

Marci Shimoff, NY Times bestselling author, Happy for No Reason

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About Connie

Connie Huebner, a meditation teacher and founder of Divine Mother Church, has been investigating the deeper reaches of consciousness for many years. In her explorations, she developed a direct communication with the Divine Mother of the Universe. In this book, Connie shares the vibrational healing tools that she uncovered in her own personal adventure with Divine Mother.

“I have developed a personal relationship with Divine Mother. I converse with Her all of the time. It is the most powerful, passionate and loving experience I have ever known. I want to help others develop this Divine Relationship. I have created these simple tools and techniques to help you heal your life issues and enter into your very own personal relationship with Divine Mother.”


“I thought about healing work for a long time but didn’t know what to do or what to say. These healing tools were like a script for me. Reading them daily expanded awareness of my Divine intelligence, and developed techniques to impact my world.”

Marci Freeman., PhD.

“I typically use the Divine Love Tool at least once every day. And what I’m learning, is how deeply empowering its gifts are, not just on a conceptual Self level, but on a point, space and place level. Through the practice of repetition, I sense that every minute point and space within me, and within others, is being awakened with the creative potential to manifest something beautiful at all times”

Pamela Saxena

“Meeting Connie is one of my great blessings. Words can’t say all the gratitude I have for her. She is an embodiment of Divine Mother, so her work is a precious gift for all of us. She is the one who brought me so close to Divine Mother’s heart, where I can hear Her, feel Her, experience Her Love, Wisdom and deepest cosmic Silence…from where everything is manifested.”

Masha Penson

Divine Mother Healing, by Connie Huebner. Order your copy today.

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