“Yes, the Mother of Creation is here. Notice me, let your awareness notice me. If you are not noticing me then say, ‘Divine Mother, show yourself.’ And let your subtle awareness find me, sense me. Trust.”

Goodness Is Coming To You

I am Divine Mother. I come in the name of Truth. Thank you for bringing this great awakening to this planet. Thank you for forging through. Even when the times are dark, there is still Light and it beckons to you. And you have the courage and perseverance to claim it...

“I like when you call upon me, and I can move around in front of you and dismantle conditions that would be uncomfortable, not only for you but for others.”

Fall Into the Silence

I am Divine Mother. Soften into the silence. Give yourself a big dose of silence, letting the brain soak in the silence. Again soften in the face, receiving the silence. I am the Divine Mother. I emerge from this silence. To get to know me well, fall into the silence,...

“Become whole. I am the missing piece of you. And when you are feeling inadequate, embrace this piece of you. That is why I am here. That’s why I am talking to you now. I want you to know that I am part of you. You can embrace the missing piece now. I love you.”

“Trust. You have heard me use that word numerous times. The small ego mind doesn’t trust. The heart can trust. But I’m asking you to trust in only one thing — the Infinite Wholeness. Don’t trust in finite people or things. Trust in your own Infinite Self. This is what deserves the trust. This is who you really are.”

“I am here because I love you. I am reaching out my hand to pull you through into Love and Truth. I know you have traveled a long journey in fear and pain. I am reaching out to you to grab my hand. I am Love in the personal form. Because you have been focusing on a personal identity, I am here to help you by giving you a personal form to trust.”

“I know how wonderful you are. I want you to know how wonderful you are, so I am teaching you about you. Let go and fall into my heart.”