“The Divine connection is a very subtle thing, deep, intimate. I am attuning you to receive it. Ask for it, ask for the Divine connection, every day, ask with no expectations – ask. I will guide you.”

“There is so much good in you, my love is awakening all of it, and helping you to trust it, to trust how good you are, how valuable you are.”

“Step out of your comfort zone, into my comfort zone and you will find life works in a very sublime way to support you in everything you do on this earth plane.”

“I love you. Come to me. I want you to know that I love you and that you can come to me any time, all the time, for any reason.”

“You are being healed and released from all that has held you back or made you believe you are not good enough. You are fantastic, amazing, wonderful and wise. This is a life to celebrate.”

“I am infusing you with pure light energy, every day, transforming you, creating powerful waves of light activating in your cells to heal you and lift you into Ascension.”

Whenever you notice resistance, soften, allow the Divine Energy to carry you through, you don’t have to push, you don’t have to force; you soften and let your intention to accomplish whatever it is, flow into the world around you. I will carry it to completion. You are a Divine Being you are learning how to operate in a new way. I am teaching you.”

“In this world there is a great need for healing, so I decided to come forth and remind you of your relationship with me, and as I remind you everything shifts. Love comes forth. Heal in my Love.”