“Thank you for loving yourself. You are loving who I love. And together we can love more. Awaken the Truth within you by acknowledging the Truth that you are beautiful, wonderful, wise, deep, clear. I love you. Mother God is here to say, ‘I love you.’ ”

“You have such a deep full heart, you are so good. You care so deeply for others and for this planet. You are here to learn about Love and not only to learn about it but to embrace it. I am helping you do that.”

“I am telling you the secret of love, the Divine Secret. Love is not an emotion. Love is the life-force. Love is the energy and vitality that keeps you alive. It is the vibration, the power that animates all life in the universe. Be with me in love.”

“Attention brings life to wherever it is placed. Right now we are attending the heart to bring life into the heart. Trust me. Let your heart know how precious it is simply by attending it. Your attention is the power of life for you. I am showing you how to bring it into the Light.”

“Your heart is always waiting for you, wide open, ready to receive you, embrace you, love you. I am here waiting in your heart. Come to me.”

“Put your attention on gratitude and the direction you are going, rather than what has happened in the past. You are moving along quite nicely. I am happy with you. You are constantly in my awareness.”