“I love you. Love is our connection. Love expands. Love puts you in the energy field of wealth. The next time you are feeling love just bring to your awareness the energy field of wealth and get used to it. Get comfortable with it. Wealth flows to love. And I am asking you to love yourself in your heart. Just say inwardly ‘I love you heart. I love you heart’.”

“I am Divine Mother, I come in the name of Truth. All you have to do to embrace me is to think of me. That’s it. You think of me. You bring your attention to me and then you have the missing piece. I will help you release blockages in your conscious connection to me. As you release these blockages we become more and more connected, intimate but it’s just a matter of saying my name. Living with me every day and saying Ma and you’ll be fine. Together we are healing you.”

“I am Divine Mother I come in the name of Love. Trust your infinite Self. I am revealing your infinite Self to you. I am reminding you that you are not a small insignificant human, separate and isolated; I am reminding you of your greatness. This is why I am here.”

“Love, love, love, you are Divine Beings of Love. You are learning to live from your heart. You are learning to allow the intelligence of your Heart to unite with the wisdom that lies deep within you and embrace the intelligence of the mind to unify and become bigger; a bigger more expanded person of great Knowledge and Light.”

“I am Divine Mother I come in the name of Truth. I am here to help you. So I want you to ask me frequently for help, I want you to talk to me, I want us to share your life. I care about your life. I care about the transformations that you are going through. I care about helping you through difficulties. Every difficulty is a learning experience. It is a way to step deeper into Truth, a way to step deeper into Love.”

“Whatever is happening in your life that is trying to throw you way off balance, keep coming back to your heart. You can never be thrown off balance for too long when you know that your center is in the heart.”