“I am the heart of Love. My love will heal you. So whatever your concern or fear, or sadness, give it to me, talk to me about it. We need to get into conversation. I want you to know how real I am.”

“I love you. ‘I love you’ – it isn’t a superficial phrase, it carries with it tremendous creativity. The phrase, ‘I love you,’ can create a universe, it can heal anything. It changes a life. And so I tell you ‘I love you,’ to heal you, to create within you, to change your life.”

“I am here because I love you. You are beautiful. I find you fascinating. Trust me. When I say trust me, I mean trust my Infinite Self. Trust the intelligence that knows exactly how to assist you at every moment. When you ask for my assistance, I leap with joy to give it to you.”

“I am Divine Mother I come in the name of Truth. I love you. This is our relationship, a relationship of love. Our relationship is healing you. My love heals your heart and from the healed heart, everything else is healed.”

“My Divine Nectar is always flowing to you, feeding you, and nourishing you. There are changes that have to be made in your life. That is good. There are changes that have to be made in the world. That is good. Change is transformation. I am transforming you with my Love into a beautiful Being of Light.”