Don’t Let The Pain Win

You are Divine Beings. Love is your nature. I am the Divine Mother. Allow the healing. Don’t resist. You may not know that you are resisting because resistance has become a habit. Soften everywhere. You are safe here, safe to be your Infinite Self, full of Light, full of Love. It takes courage to be your Self. Most people have been trained to hide. The hiding causes tension, tightness. This comes from fear -- fear of being yourself, fear that you could be rejected, ridiculed, teased just for being your Self. That’s what has happened...

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It Is Important To Protect Your Thoughts

I am Divine Mother. I come in the name of the Divine Truth. The thoughts of fear often create the emotion of fear. It is important to be aware of your thoughts and protect yourself from having fearful thoughts. They create tension in the body, which can cause illness. So it’s important to protect yourself from thoughts of fear and protect your mind from ideas and events that activate fear. You are a Divine Being living in physical form. One of the things that separates a Divine Being from a fearful human is your thoughts. It’s...

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When The Divine Self Is In Control, You Are Not Afraid

I am Divine Mother. The ego-mind is constantly afraid because it has been given too much power. It is not designed to be a leader. The fear in the ego-mind can take control, but you have the power to relax it. You must take that power. You can use this affirmation: “I am in control. I am the only authority in my life. I am Divinely protected by the Light of my Being, and I close off my aura and body of Light to all but my Divine Self now.” Say this so that the Divine Self is in control. When the Divine Self is in control, you are...

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Fear Is An Opportunity To Look Inside Yourself

I am Divine Mother. When one is afraid, one feels helpless. I am here to empower you. Now we are using the sacred sound, “Om Namah Shivaya” because it dissolves untruth. Perhaps you will ask, “Is fear an untruth?” I say to you, “Yes!” A fear is asking you to rise up. It is an opportunity to rise, to expand beyond it, to look inside yourself and find the solution, to look inside yourself to discern the next right step that will take you out of fear. Listen inside. The answers are all within you. Most people don’t know how to listen...

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Being Afraid Doesn’t Work

I am Divine Mother. Remove the blinders where you have been afraid to see. If you only see a small piece of the whole, you cannot determine how to move forward. Open up your vision, your awareness, your consciousness. Say, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” This statement empowers you. It puts you in the Christ energy. Own that. It vibrates the consciousness of the Divine. It lifts you up. Repeat that especially when you are confronted by fear. Fear causes shame, anger, feelings of helplessness and hopelessness, the guilt, the...

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You Did Not Come Here To Be Afraid Of This World

I am Divine Mother. We are the Company of Heaven. We are your Divine Friends. We are part of your team. We do this together. Fear is dangerous to your evolutionary path. I am Divine Mother and I have ways and means to help you to dissolve the fear. You did not come to this planet to be afraid of this world. You came here to change the fear to love. Definitely, it was a shock when you found the heaviness, the density here. You had been briefed on it, but most of you forgot. But there were friends and guides in both physical and...

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You Are Here To Unify The Human Race

You Are Here To Unify The Human Race From: Empowerment Healing “Overcoming Fear” May 27, 2023 I am Divine Mother. Trust. You are here to unify the human race. That’s why I am here. My children, the humans, have been fighting and killing each other. I am here to bring my family back together. It doesn’t mean that everyone becomes alike. It means that everyone is honored and loved and allowed to peacefully share their positions as we find a place of unity and give everyone a chance to rise to participate in their Divine purpose, to...

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One Of The Most Disruptive Things For The Human System Is Fear

I am Divine Mother. One of the most disruptive things for the human system is fear. It is like a cataclysm. So change your fear thoughts, even if they are slight. Replace them with the vibrations of Divine Light, Divine Love, Divine Grace. And there are other vibrations which you could use, like the sacred sounds, “Ma”, “Ram”, and “Om Namah Shivaya”. These are powerful vibrations that create healing. You could also use the commands “Break” and “Go into the Light” to send the negative energies into the Light to transform. Negative...

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It Is Important To Change Your Thoughts

I am Divine Mother. The most important thing for you as an individual to do to overcome fear is to change your negative thoughts. When you have a negative thought, change it. You are creative. When you see a homeless person, send them Love. They are your brother or sister in the human family. If a negative thought comes up, break it. Fear weakens you. So when something happens in the world and you feel afraid, send the fear into the Light. Call on a Divine Being. There is so much fear in the world and it is weakening human beings....

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Hold The Unlimited Self As Your Foundation

I am Divine Mother. I want you to hold the unlimited Self as your foundation consciously. When you are unconscious of it, when it is not fully experienced, the pain, the sadness, the suffering, the unworthiness crowd in. This must end. I am bringing you all the way through to that beauty and fullness of knowing that you are One with All-That-Is, and then being in the world and blessing the world with every breath you take. We Divine Ones are actively lifting the human race into a race of gods. One of the most important steps is to...

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Connie Huebner

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