You Are Being Lifted Step By Step

I am Divine Mother. Allow the power of Truth, the Truth of the Unity and Oneness of all life to emanate from you, as you change people just by your vibration. You lift their vibration, bringing them into happiness and joy and peace simply by your presence. We are your Divine Friends. We work with you every day, every moment. We are awed by your decision to engage in the Ascension, and we are ramping up your vibration and the Divine frequencies in your energy field. When you make a choice for something, when you put your attention on...

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How Jesus Resurrected

I am Divine Mother. Love is a vibration that we can send into a pain in the heart, sending it into the pain and into the heart. Inwardly say, “I love you,” and soften into the Infinite. When you soften into the Infinite with Love focused on the pain, the Infinite dissolves it. Love meets Love in the Infinite Source, and the pain diminishes.   Soften again in the heart, saying to the pain, “I love you,” sending vibrations of Love into the pain, allowing the pain to heal in the vibrations of Love.   Now say, “I am the Resurrection and...

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Holding The Deep Presence Of Peace

I am Divine Mother. You are Divine Beings. You are living in a physical form. You are waking up to your Infinite Self and embracing its beauty, its wonder, its wisdom, its knowledge, its freedom, its joy. Allow that Divine Joy to fill you. We are activating the joy, activating the deep Wholeness in you. It holds the beauty, the grace, the peace. If more people in this world were holding that deep presence of peace, there could be no wars because the peace is so profound at the basis of your existence. When that is consciously held...

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It Is Going To Be Okay

I am Divine Mother. Whatever you are worried about, just know that it’s going to be okay. If you focus more on the “okay” than on the worry, then the “okayness” comes faster. You may not know how, but be certain that it will be okay. When you know that it’s going to be okay, there is expansion, openness, and receptivity. You are not here on this planet to do everything alone. There are thousands, millions of beings in human form and subtle devas and angelic beings who know all about you and want to help you, and participate in...

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Breaking You Out Of Prison

Breaking You Out Of Prison From: Feast of Light March 12, 2024 I am Divine Mother. It’s the fear that makes you contract and tighten up. As you contract and tighten up, you create your own prisons. I am breaking you out. I am breaking the prison walls. You can do it too. Take a breath, and as you exhale, expand through the fears, and you will find the antidote for transforming them. Say inwardly, “I give myself permission to break my prison walls. I give myself permission to break through my small identity.” Many people are so used...

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Every Experience Is Divine

I am Divine Mother. You are beautiful. I am here with you. I am always here. I know about the ups and downs you go through in life. I know about the gains and losses you experience. You are riding on the waves of an ocean of love. The waves rise and fall and rise and fall, expand, open deeply into the depths of the ocean, and bring you home to me in the silent chamber of your heart. I am always with you, through all the rising and falling and rising again. Each wave brings you deeper into communion with me. Be awake to that. Be open...

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You Are Made In The Image of God

I am Divine Mother. Allow that golden liquid love, the Soma, to permeate your brain as it flows into every brain cell, every synapse, every nerve, every subtle field of your brain, waking up the brain to the truth of its Divine origins. The beauty of the human brain is waking up to its design origins in the mind of God. Say inwardly, “I am the Resurrection and the Life. I am the Resurrection and the Life.” The Resurrection is occurring; the Resurrection is waking up in the physical body. Love, Love, Love, Love. I now address the...

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We Are In The Second Coming Now

I am Divine Mother. I love you. Thank you for being physical human Light bearers bringing this beautiful Divine vibration onto the physical planet, into your physical form, and gifting it to this world through your innocent lives, guileless and wise. Inwardly say, “I am the Resurrection and the Life.” Knowledge is coming to you. Just ask. We are in the Second Coming now; changes are occurring rapidly. Healing is necessary. Light is increasing. Don’t be afraid of what is happening in the world around you. Use your Light and your...

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This Is A Beneficent Universe

I am Divine Mother. This is a beneficent universe. It's designed to support you and help you through every challenging condition in your life. But most people have forgotten how to access that support. And their lives get tighter and tighter and tighter -- more fear, more pain, more hate, more shame, more frustration. It all comes piling in. So say, “Break,” and “Burst.” Then soften and expand. Call on me, Divine Mother. I'm instantly accessible. Everything's okay. More Love, more Light, more healing power are coming to you. When I...

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You Have Power

I am Divine Mother. Soften in your heart, allowing the Divine Truth, allowing the Infinite Truth of Unity and Oneness, allowing the power of the knowledge that emanates from that recognition of the Unity and Oneness.   We are breaking through the chains that have bound you, breaking through the pain that has diminished you.   Trust. You are a Divine Being living in physical form. You are resurrecting. You are surging forward. You are rising up. Your whole physical body is being repaired, strengthened, awakened.   Trust your Infinite...

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Connie Huebner

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