“My Divine Nectar is always flowing to you, feeding you, and nourishing you. There are changes that have to be made in your life. That is good. There are changes that have to be made in the world. That is good. Change is transformation. I am transforming you with my Love into a beautiful Being of Light.”

“I love you. This is our relationship, it is a relationship of love. This relationship is healing you, because love heals, love heals your heart and from the healed heart, everything else is healed. Your healed heart knows how to heal everything. It has the intelligence; it has the depth, it has the purpose to heal everything else. So as you heal your heart with me, your life becomes healed and Whole.”

“You are being healed and released from all that has held you back or made you believe you are not good enough. You are fantastic, amazing, wonderful and wise. This is a life to celebrate.”

“I Love you, and my love is healing you. My love is dissolving the untruth. My love is lifting your vibration. You are changing. We are dancing in this universe of Love.”

“I am here and I am with you all the time. I never leave you. I would like you to start noticing me more. Just say my name and notice my presence. My home is in your heart, come to me here.”