About Connie Huebner

The defining moment of my life came when I was a 21 year old college student. I had the undeniable experience that I am one with God, one with All That Is. This experience has never left me.

The rest of my life has been dedicated to going deeper into that experience and all its ramifications. I started a quest which I called my search for the Kingdom of Heaven. This was an inward search, a research into my Self. As I looked deeply and honestly within my Self, Divine qualities were revealed… 

First, Divine Light appeared, then the nurturing quality of Divine Love manifested. Other Divine qualities emerged.  I discovered that these Divine qualities could be called upon to improve my daily life and the lives of my family and friends. As I worked with the Divine qualities, I began to receive guidance and knowledge from a Divine Presence. At first, it came from Jesus. Later, Mother God made Herself known to me and offered a great wealth of Divine Wisdom.

In time I began working with people outside my own family. The situations and challenges they presented brought forth from me a depth of divine wisdom to guide and transform their lives. It is this relationship with Divine Mother and the access through Her to Divine Knowledge that I want to bring to as many people as possible.

I have developed a personal relationship with Divine Mother. I converse with Her all of the time. It is the most powerful, passionate and loving experience I have ever known. I want to help others develop this Divine Relationship. I have created simple tools and techniques to help you enter into your own very personal relationship with Divine Mother. The verbal vibrational healing methods that I developed to get to know Divine Mother are called Divine Mother Healing Tools.

I now live in Fairfield, Iowa with my husband. We have 2 children. I completed a BA degree in Political Science, and an MA in Research In Consciousness. I’m also an Ordained Minister. Because of my close association with Divine Mother I have founded a church in her name, Divine Mother Church.

Since 1999 I have been teaching energy healing classes and giving private consultations in partnership with Divine Mother, bringing her transforming wisdom and guidance to thousands of people.

Divine Mother is here. She wants to talk to you.

Connie Huebner

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DISCLAIMER:  I, Connie Huebner, assist people to clear their mind, heart, and body’s energy flow which often releases innate healing ability. I also receive knowledge from within myself which comes from my personal connection to what I believe is God, Divine Mother. I offer these services in the hope that they might enhance other’s experience of Mother God within and help them with life’s journey and challenges.

I am not a medical doctor, attorney, psychiatrist, therapist or other licensed health professional. I do not diagnose, cure, heal, or treat disease, or give psychological treatment.     More