Breaking You Out Of Prison
From: Feast of Light
March 12, 2024

I am Divine Mother. It’s the fear that makes you contract and tighten up. As you contract and tighten up, you create your own prisons. I am breaking you out. I am breaking the prison walls.

You can do it too. Take a breath, and as you exhale, expand through the fears, and you will find the antidote for transforming them.

Say inwardly, “I give myself permission to break my prison walls. I give myself permission to break through my small identity.”

Many people are so used to being in prison that they don’t know how to behave when they are let loose. The same is true for the mental and emotional prisons. Often people identify with their prisons. Break them. Discover who you are without the prisons.

Every time I ask you to soften, you are expanding outside the walls of your prison. As you expand through the walls, you experience more peace and creativity. The Divine ideas of the universe that you need to maneuver yourself through your life start to emerge, to take shape, start to inform you as to how to drop the suffering, the tightness, the tension.

The fear, the pain catches you so tightly and holds you in a small space. You struggle to get out. But you don’t have to struggle. All you have to do is walk through the doors being offered to you. Let your attention relax. Soften. Be still. Let the pain and fear release. It will release. It wants to release. It wants to shake its way out. Help it by saying, “Break,” by bursting Light, by saying, “Go into the Light.”