I am Divine Mother. You are beautiful. I am here with you. I am always here. I know about the ups and downs you go through in life. I know about the gains and losses you experience. You are riding on the waves of an ocean of love. The waves rise and fall and rise and fall, expand, open deeply into the depths of the ocean, and bring you home to me in the silent chamber of your heart.

I am always with you, through all the rising and falling and rising again. Each wave brings you deeper into communion with me. Be awake to that. Be open to that – that everything you experience in life brings you deeper into communion with me. I love you.

Every experience you have which seems to close you down needs to be expanded. The walls that seem to be closing in need to be broken. They are just thoughts. Burst Light in them. Whatever the fear is, pour in Divine Light.

When you expand, Love comes flowing in. Love is filled with knowledge, with methods for clearing your prisons, and methods for opening you up for the next Divine experience.

Truly, it is a series of Divine experiences that you are going through in this life. These experiences are guiding you, leading you closer to me.

Every Experience Is Divine
From: Feast of Light
March 12, 2024