I am Divine Mother. Allow that golden liquid love, the Soma, to permeate your brain as it flows into every brain cell, every synapse, every nerve, every subtle field of your brain, waking up the brain to the truth of its Divine origins. The beauty of the human brain is waking up to its design origins in the mind of God.

Say inwardly, “I am the Resurrection and the Life. I am the Resurrection and the Life.” The Resurrection is occurring; the Resurrection is waking up in the physical body. Love, Love, Love, Love.

I now address the unworthiness in the physical system, and I say to this unworthiness, “These physical bodies we are inhabiting are made in the image of God. They are Divine vessels for the Divine spirit that animates these physical bodies.” And I say to this unworthiness in and around the physical system, the sense of not being good enough, not being pure enough, not being powerful enough, not being strong enough, all the “not being enough” that gets stuck in the physical body, I say to these energies and entities, ”Go into the Light, transform, let go, reach your highest potential, go into the Light, go into the Light.”

To all those negative thought forms, thought patterns, thought concepts, error patterning, to all the fear-based self-judgments, I say, “Go, Break.” To all the pain-based self-judgments, I say, “Shatter, go, break.” To all the unworthiness of any kind, I say, “Go, shatter, go, burst, break.”

I am the Divine Mother. I come in the name of the Infinite Truth. I am the expression of these human, physical bodies. I am the Life Force and the physical vibration and the physical matter. Yes, I am embodied in these physical systems, and I now claim the health and vitality, the beauty and the strength, the perfection and the wisdom of these physical systems as we cleanse the physical body, heal it, and lift its vibration.

You are made in the image of God. Even these physical forms are in that image. Every atom, every particle, is vibrant with Divinity and it makes up your exquisite physical system. So, allow that physical system to vibrate, to resonate. Just sing with light, with love, with joy, with health, vitality, and the grace of Mother God.

You are Divine Beings in physical form, and I command anything – any thought, any pattern, any unworthiness in the belief systems or self- concepts – to go, to go into the Light, to transform, to learn about the truth of the human physiology Divine, the Divine Truth, the spiritual truth of this human physiology, the origin of matter in the Heart of God.

You are Divine Beings. You are vibrating, you are shimmering with Divinity and life expression – the life expression of its highest grace. And these physical bodies are being lifted, healed, cleansed and freed to be the magnificent structures they were designed to be, holding the human Divinity, holding the God-ness, the godliness, vibrating that in these physical systems, unified human and Divine in these bodies. Honor your bodies. Help them lift. Help them revive from this repression of their true natures.

You Are Made In The Image of God
From: Ascension Knowledge Meeting
January 14, 2024