I am Divine Mother. This is a beneficent universe. It’s designed to support you and help you through every challenging condition in your life. But most people have forgotten how to access that support. And their lives get tighter and tighter and tighter — more fear, more pain, more hate, more shame, more frustration. It all comes piling in. So say, “Break,” and “Burst.” Then soften and expand. Call on me, Divine Mother. I’m instantly accessible.

Everything’s okay. More Love, more Light, more healing power are coming to you. When I say healing power, the healing power is that Infinite unbounded Source. It’s a power that comes to you in a flow — a flow of Light, a flow of Love, a flow of healing, you could call it. And it gives you knowledge. It reminds you what you need to do to heal. Maybe it’s something as simple as getting more sleep, eating more purely.

The universe is beneficent; it’s kindly. It supports you. You simply have to learn how to receive the support and recognize it. And that’s why I’m guiding you into your heart. I’m guiding you to soften into that Infinite unboundedness. We are sharpening your subtle senses so that you can perceive the gifts as they come to you. We are bringing forth the knowledge of your Divine Wisdom, the Cosmic Intelligence that you have access to.

This Is A Beneficent Universe
From: Ascension Knowledge Meeting
January 21, 2024