I am Divine Mother. Soften in your heart, allowing the Divine Truth, allowing the Infinite Truth of Unity and Oneness, allowing the power of the knowledge that emanates from that recognition of the Unity and Oneness.
We are breaking through the chains that have bound you, breaking through the pain that has diminished you.
Trust. You are a Divine Being living in physical form. You are resurrecting. You are surging forward. You are rising up. Your whole physical body is being repaired, strengthened, awakened.
Trust your Infinite Self. More Divine energy is building in you, blessing you.
I love you. I am the Divine Mother. I come in the name of the Infinite Truth of Love. Trust your Infinite Self. The Truth of Love is rising in you. It is a Divine power. It is a power that can transform our Earth. It is rising in you now, and I urge you to encourage it.
Trust your Infinite Self. At that level of the Infinite Wholeness, we are all One. So your brothers and sisters in the human race who are distressed, angry, upset, need Love. They need Light. You are here to take care of that for them because they do not know how.
I am encouraging you to break the structures of negativity, of hate, of such deep fear that you have a need to annihilate your brother or sister. Break that.
Love cannot annihilate. Love creates. We are breaking open the hard, crusted-over, closed hearts in the human race. And this is truly a blessing to humanity, a blessing to those who have lost touch with the Truth of who they are.
Inwardly say, “I am the Resurrection and the Life.”
Your attention is powerful. The intention is even more powerful. Let your intention be to create unity, to create goodness.
You human beings on the Earth are powerful creators. You wield creative power with your attention and intention. You also have free will for how to use that creative power. There’s a great responsibility that comes with having free will.
Don’t create destruction with your intention and attention. Don’t create pain.
Unfortunately, the human race has not held their creative powers responsibly, and now we must change all that. Too much destruction has been created. And eventually, it will destroy the creator. But we can stop that. We can turn this into a powerfully creative time for planet Earth and the human race.
Make a choice now about how you are going to live, and how you are going to direct your thinking, your attention, and your intention. And then help other people make choices for creation with love, for creation with expansion rather than contraction. Destruction causes contraction. It diminishes life. We must turn it around now. Trust that you are a powerful creator of life.
Again say, “I am the Resurrection and the Life.” This is what’s happening: Resurrection. Creating more life is happening.
Human life is resurrecting on this planet, resurging the Life Force, rising in life energy, in Shakti energy, and this is beautiful.

You Have Power
From: Feast of Light
October 31, 2023