I am Divine Mother. Soften in the space between the cells of your body. The physical system is changing because of the subtle levels changing.

Soften in the thymus. Soma, the Divine Nectar is being expressed through the most essential glands of your body, refining your physiology. They are working with Divine energy now and bringing it forth in your physical system.

Your physical bodies are upgrading. Treat your physical bodies respectfully. When there is an ache or a pain or a challenge in the physiology, treat it kindly. It is signaling to you that it needs something. Soften into it, inquiring, “How can I help you be healthy? How can I help you?” Keep softening.

The knowledge of Divine Health is stored deep inside that part of you. It knows what it needs. If you can access its intelligence, it will tell you what it needs.

This is how intelligent your physical system is. Humans just haven’t had the intelligence to access their own body’s intelligence. Now I am assisting you in accessing it. It may take some practice, of course. Sometimes the body will say to get an expert or to get this or that treatment. It knows what it needs and how to get it.

Be wise. Consult your body and consult with those who have become skilled in their assistance to the body, assisting the body’s intelligence to share more.

Allow your heart to trust the Infinite Self, to trust that Deep Presence. As you trust it, you will find that it is also on the surface. It just needs the cultivation of your attention and intention.

I love you.

Your Physical Body Is Upgrading
From: Feast of Light
November 21, 2023