I am Divine Mother. Having connected to me, you are on your evolutionary path. The Life Force is flowing throughout the universe. Everyone has a stream of that that is most nourishing to them, most empowering to them. You are connecting to your personal life stream, the flow of Life Force which is flowing everywhere and also has a specific stream within it just for you. That’s your life’s path, what might be called your dharma. And it makes you very joyful when you are connecting to it 100%. It carries you through your life.

If you go off-course, your free will is invited to find it again. Of course, you can choose to go off-course. And at times you may just wander off, investigating something you thought might be helpful, only to discover it is distressing to you. So you feel your way back. And you start to flow again in harmony with all of creation.

And yet you have choices all along the way, which makes life an adventure, which allows you to tap deep into your creativity to solve the challenges you meet.

Softening keeps bringing you back to your center, that Unified Field, that Wholeness, that Divine Self, that unbounded ocean, as the whole universe rises up as a wave, with all these individual currents within it and one of those currents is yours.

Everyone Has A Personal Stream of Life Force
From: Feast of Light
November 21, 2023