I am Divine Mother. Trust your Infinite Self. Keep returning to it until you never leave it. Then as you flow in it, always in touch with that Silent Source of it, great deeds can be done; great wisdom and knowledge can be shared.

The Divine Guidance necessary on the Earth now is available, and the dissolution of the blocks that are resisting that knowledge can challenge you to go deeper into your creative Source and bring those methods outward to heal, to change, to build a new society, a new civilization.

To us in the Company of Heaven, that is a great joyful adventure. We are supporting and assisting you as you build a new civilization. This is a joint project.

You choose challenging projects because you know these can give you the most growth, the most self-knowledge, and give the most blessings to your environment.

So don’t be intimidated by the project of transforming Mother Earth, lifting the planet out of ignorance. It is just what you do. If you are on this life path, with many people doing it, each in your own way and appreciating each other’s ways, success is guaranteed.

Don’t Be Intimidated By This Project Of Lifting The Planet
From: Feast of Light
November 21, 2023