I am the Divine Mother. I come in the name of the Infinite Truth. Your whole physical system is transforming. Let yourself heal. Be kind to yourself. 

We are experiencing a huge multi-dimensional transformation here on planet Earth, and I say to all the limitations trying to slow it down or disrupt it, “Go into the light. Go into your next level of evolutionary progress and find your Divine Path. There are Divine Beings waiting for you there to guide you, to teach you, to reveal to you what your life is all about. Go into the Light.” 

All of you here in the Ascension Program are recognizing the power of this rapid evolutionary path you are on. You are Ascending and changes are occurring in and around you that support your Ascension. Keep softening and expanding. 

When there is a situation or condition that you don’t understand, soften into it, asking me, “What is going on here, Mother? What do I need to know?” Allow that softening to bring you deep into my heart. Soften into me, and I will feed you the knowledge that you need to have to move through the challenge. 

You are Divine Beings. You are wise. But your wisdom has not always been appreciated because the level of consciousness here has been of fear, and fear causes contraction. And you may have gotten into the habit of contracting, tensing. It is important to reverse that. 

When you find yourself tensing, whether it is anxiety or another kind of habit of tensing, remind yourself to soften, to let go. Take some deep breaths. 

You have the answers inside of you for everything. And you can access them when you are expansive and relaxed. You are powerful when you are expansive, when you become big, bigger than just your body. That is what the softening allows you to do. 

It is in that state that Divine Knowledge can come to you. And whether it is knowledge about something in your personal life or something in the larger community’s life, reference it. You don’t have to be tense and tight. When you are relaxed and expanded more support comes to you and you recognize the support more quickly. 

I am here. You are being empowered and the empowerment is coming in your heart, which will then guide your mind into making clear, astute decisions and choices. You are Divine Beings. Receive my Divine Love. I love you. I know who you are, and I support who you are.

You Have The Answers Inside Of You

From: Ascension Knowledge Meeting 

November 19, 2023