I am Divine Mother. More Divine Love is waking up. The Causal Level of your energy fields is reorganizing to comprehend the power and the glory of Divine Love. You are being released from lifetimes of imprisonment — imprisonment in your small identity. 

We together, you and your Divine Friends, are breaking you out of prison — the prison of the small self, the prison of the small identity.

We are breaking the shackles to a small concept of yourself. More Love, more Light are revealing to you who you are. 

Soften in your face, continuously dropping the masks of the false self that hides your True Self, until the Truth of You is revealed.

The Causal level is expanding. The Causal level is accepting the Divine Truth, accepting your Divine heritage, breaking the illusion of who you think you might be, and returning you to that innocent awakened Divine Being in a physical form.

Now we will clear at the Celestial level, so that you can truly know and receive the Truth. If you would inwardly say, “I am the Resurrection and the Life. I am the Resurrection and the Life.”

Soften into receptivity as you are moved from one vibrational frequency to another. Soften in the vibrational frequencies of your body. Intention is enough. 

We are dissolving the masks that have hidden the Truth from you. Trust, the hiding is over. We are displaying to you the awakened experience that you are stepping into.

More Divine Love and more Divine Love is activating in your life, in your body, as you learn to trust Divine Love, as you learn to embrace it and actively increase it in your system and in the world. The fuel for Ascension is Divine Love. It is the vibration, it is the energy that increases in power and launches the Ascension. 

Learn about Divine Love. Heal your hearts. Wake up the Third Eye. You are the Resurrection and the Life. I am the Divine Mother. I come in the name of the Infinite Wholeness of All-That-Is. There will be more on this topic.

Breaking You Out of Prison

From: Ascension Knowledge Meeting

October 1, 2023