Question from session participant: What is resurrection?

Answer from Divine Mother:
Resurrection is an action that transforms the way your physical body becomes completely spiritual in a very refined and freeing way so that you can completely access your Divinity without interference and live in the Divine State.

As one purifies and spiritualizes the physical system, the quality of light changes. Light becomes more and more freed to express in you the quality of purity that gives you a massive awareness of your Self as infinitely engaged, which then allows you to choose how you are going to serve the creation on all levels and continue the expansion and evolution of the universe.

Now on a very personal practical level for you in your physical form at this time, it’s a resurgence of vibration and energy that is necessary for your next stage of consciousness to inform you of more joy, more bliss, and give you the facility to manage the creation in alignment with the Creator.

And on an even more practical level, getting back to the nitty-gritty of human life, it shifts and transforms the vibrational field that you actually are already in possession of, to enliven the perfect conditions for your body’s continuous release of anything that could in any way hinder your growth, evolution, and expansion.

Right now what it’s doing as you make that statement that I encourage you to make (“I am the Resurrection and the Life.”) – it is actually reorganizing and reframing the physiology in preparation for the next stage of your body, mind, and spirit’s (all levels) embrace of Divine Consciousness.

So it’s a resurgence of energy. Divine energy is increasing in you. And when Divine energy increases, it reorganizes and rearranges your vibratory system and physical system so that you can receive the most enjoyment and freedom while wearing your physical body.

What Is Resurrection?
From: Empowerment Healing – “Healing the Third Eye”
October 27, 2023