I am the Divine Mother I come in the name of the Infinite Truth. We are celebrating you. We in the Divine Realms are celebrating your evolutionary progression into the Ascension. 

We are feeding you with Light, continuing to assist in the purification of the physiology. A spiral of Ascending Light is rising through your physical body now. Soften at the crown. As the spiral of Ascending Light continues to rise above the crown, you are connecting to us, the Company of Heaven, and allowing us to participate in your lives. 

Receive the Divine Grace. Expect Divine Grace. Expect things to be easy for you. Claim the Divine Grace if you have a challenging situation or something coming up that is worrisome to you. Claim the Divine Grace in it. Send Grace to it. Let us help you. Connect with Divine Mother and the Company of Heaven and all the Laws of Nature that want to support you — the Angelic kingdom, the Devic kingdom. 

You are aligning with Divine Mother. She is the Life Force of the universe. And as you align with Divine Mother, all of us who serve her and feed the universe with her Light and Love support you and work with you to make your lives more comfortable, more productive — allowing the Divine Wisdom and Knowledge to flow through you more naturally and simply than ever as you conduct your lives on Mother Earth. So please reference us; call us in to the most challenging situations you face. 

You are deeply loved. Deeply, deeply loved. Receive our Love and trust it. And if something happens that doesn’t work out, then say to us, “Show me a different way. Show me how to adjust or shift something.” You are on our radar.

Expect Things To Be Easy For You

From: Ascension Knowledge Meeting 

October 22, 2023