You are Divine Beings. Love is your nature.

I am the Divine Mother. Allow the healing. Don’t resist. You may not know that you are resisting because resistance has become a habit. Soften everywhere.

You are safe here, safe to be your Infinite Self, full of Light, full of Love. It takes courage to be your Self.

Most people have been trained to hide. The hiding causes tension, tightness. This comes from fear — fear of being yourself, fear that you could be rejected, ridiculed, teased just for being your Self.

That’s what has happened to the people on Earth. They’re all hiding – hiding their True Self. And this hiding causes tremendous pain. And then the pain is acted out on others so that others receive pain.

It’s a terrible cycle that must be broken. It is the cycle of “You hurt me, and now I am going to hurt you.” It is acted out on the world stage everyday.

Trust. We can change this. You can change this.

People are screaming all over the world. Where is the Love? Where is the Love that can heal all this? It’s been hidden deep inside of you and everyone else too. It’s been hidden. It’s been hidden in fear, fear of being targeted and hurt more.

Children are taught this. We must end it. We must change this.

Love is flowing, healing, transforming, revealing who and what it truly is.

Love is not afraid. Love is courage.

You are Divine Beings living in a physical form. You have all of the physical emotions. You have all of the physical senses. Don’t let them distract you from who you really are.

Yes, it hurts when someone hits you. Yes, it hurts when someone insults you. Yes, it hurts when someone betrays you. I’m asking you to rise above these hurts of the present and of the past, to allow your Divine Self to start activating, to start expressing in your physical human life.

The physical and emotional pain of rejection – yes, it hurts. But don’t let it suppress you anymore. Don’t let it cause you to resist and fear being your Self. You are a Divine Being, unafraid, able to project Love, capable of healing. Start embracing the Divine You, even in these challenging situations.

Don’t let the pain win.

Don’t let the pain run your life.

That’s the human way. You are Divine and human, the unity of matter and Divinity. It’s a beautiful expression, a profound expression. Start cultivating your Divine Self. I know that many of you are already doing this or you wouldn’t be here. I’m encouraging you to do this even more.

I adore you. We in the Company of Heaven are proud of you. You are our heroes.

You have come this far. You are rising up and saying “stop” to the pain and negativity, even though it’s acting out all around you. We need to stop it.
You are doing that in your individual lives. I thank you for that. And I am empowering you to do it more, to walk into that life as a Divine Being in a physical form.

I feel the sadness. I weep for you too. But our tears are healing waters. We are healing the human race.

Don’t let the pain of the human race crush you. Rise up through it. You are capable of that. You are here for that.

I love you. My Life, my Love is pouring into you now, enlivening you, electrifying you.

You are me in physical form. Stay in your heart. That’s where the power is. That’s where I can give you knowledge, support, Divine messages and guidance.

More Light, more Love, more Divine Presence is filling you now. Receive us. We in the Company of Heaven are funneling all of our Light and Love into you now. You deserve it. You have shown over and over that you are committed to the Truth. Thank you.

I am the Mother of Divine Truth. And we are One. We are Truth in physical form.

Trust. Awaken. Create the good Earth, the good humanity. Good is another name for God.

Give me that human pain. I am receiving it now. Please give it as a gift to me so that I can release it from you.

Jesus said, “You shall do greater things than I have done.” Yes, you shall. Thank you, Jesus for reminding us.

I am the Divine Mother. I come in the name of the Infinite Love, the never-ending Love that creates this entire creation. We create. And a new time for creation is upon us – creating a new life for humanity.

Don’t Let The Pain Win
From: Feast of Light
November 14, 2023