I am Divine Mother. The ego-mind is constantly afraid because it has been given too much power. It is not designed to be a leader. The fear in the ego-mind can take control, but you have the power to relax it. You must take that power.

You can use this affirmation: “I am in control. I am the only authority in my life. I am Divinely protected by the Light of my Being, and I close off my aura and body of Light to all but my Divine Self now.” Say this so that the Divine Self is in control. When the Divine Self is in control, you are not afraid because the Divine Self has Divine resources. They come into play when you claim your Divine authority.

The Divine Mind is anchored in your heart. Soften and expand now in the heart.

I want to emphasize that you are in charge of your life. No one else is. So take charge. It’s time to change the thinking that produces the fear. It’s time to stop exposing yourself to people and situations that activate fear.

I am aware that there are events in the world that are activating fear. I am not telling you to ignore it. What I am telling you to do is to stand in your Divine power to change it rather than reacting to the fear with contraction, shaking, thoughts of hiding.

Stand up to the fear and the energies causing it. Recognize that fear is a vibration. Vibrational frequencies can be changed. You don’t ignore what’s going on. Use your attention and intention to activate energies that soothe and transform the fear, just as you would do with a child who is afraid of the dark. You soothe it. You open the scary thing to the Light.

This is important to do in the world and specifically important to do it in your individual life because what you do affects the larger arena.

So be responsible to your family, your community, and the world. Don’t get drawn into the fear. Stay centered in your Self and move from there, from the Self that is unafraid. There is a Self in you that is unafraid. It is your Divine Self.

Sometimes you can’t access it without dissolving the fear energies. All of my Divine Mother Vibrational Healing Tools are designed to support you in your Divine Self which holds the Divine power.

If you continue to be afraid, you contract. You have to expand and open. You can do this.

When The Divine Self Is In Control, You Are Not Afraid
From: Empowerment Healing “Overcoming Fear”
May 27, 2023