I am Divine Mother. We are the Company of Heaven. We are your Divine Friends. We are part of your team. We do this together. Fear is dangerous to your evolutionary path. I am Divine Mother and I have ways and means to help you to dissolve the fear.

You did not come to this planet to be afraid of this world. You came here to change the fear to love.

Definitely, it was a shock when you found the heaviness, the density here. You had been briefed on it, but most of you forgot. But there were friends and guides in both physical and subtle forms to remind you and help you to manage your life from a place of wisdom.

So here we are. There are forces that are trying to frighten you so that they can control you. Fear has been used by religions and governments trying to make one group afraid of another group, creating discord. Let that end.

You Did Not Come Here To Be Afraid Of This World
From: Empowerment Healing “Overcoming Fear”
May 27, 2023