I am Divine Mother. One of the most disruptive things for the human system is fear. It is like a cataclysm. So change your fear thoughts, even if they are slight. Replace them with the vibrations of Divine Light, Divine Love, Divine Grace. And there are other vibrations which you could use, like the sacred sounds, “Ma”, “Ram”, and “Om Namah Shivaya”. These are powerful vibrations that create healing.

You could also use the commands “Break” and “Go into the Light” to send the negative energies into the Light to transform. Negative energies must be transformed or be dissolved.

Spinning Ascending Light is a powerful use of Light. When you work with Light, you are manifesting it. You have the ability to command Light. You also have the ability to create with your thoughts. Pain and fear thoughts create pain and fear.

You just need knowledge. You know what it’s like to live in a painful, fearful world. You can change it. You can do a lot simply by pouring Light into wherever there is suffering. You don’t have to feel helpless. You can do something on the subtle level, which is the most powerful level.

If people around you are fighting, say, “Break.” Pour in Light. Use your Divine powers.

There are so many things that you can do just by using energy. It does have an effect. Studies have shown how positive attention does have effects. Also studies show that the heart has a more powerful energy than the brain. We are here to restore the heart and to let the ego-mind serve the heart.

One Of The Most Disruptive Things For The Human System Is Fear
From: Empowerment Healing “Overcoming Fear”
May 27, 2023