I am Divine Mother. The most important thing for you as an individual to do to overcome fear is to change your negative thoughts. When you have a negative thought, change it. You are creative.

When you see a homeless person, send them Love. They are your brother or sister in the human family. If a negative thought comes up, break it.

Fear weakens you. So when something happens in the world and you feel afraid, send the fear into the Light. Call on a Divine Being.

There is so much fear in the world and it is weakening human beings.

It’s important to transform fear as it arises. As you dissolve the fear in your life, your life will change. You will become empowered – not only to change the challenges on the planet, but to do something to support the transformation of the Earth to a planet of Light and wisdom. This is a beautiful planet. It needs to be loved, honored, lifted.

It Is Important To Change Your Thoughts
From: Empowerment Healing “Overcoming Fear”
May 27, 2023