I am Divine Mother. You are Divine Beings living in a physical form. We are purging your systems of everything that is blocking the presence of vibrant Divinity within you. Trust, these are vibrations, these are energies that have been stuck in your systems at deep layers. They are being purged. They are being transformed to a higher vibrational frequency.

Trust, the universe is blessing you. You are on an evolutionary path which is lifting you into the consciousness of Truth, the Truth of the Oneness of all that is, the Truth of the healing power of the Grace of God.

I am the Divine Mother. I come in the name of the Infinite Truth. You are breaking through to a new vibration, to a new level of Divine Grace. I love you. I love you. Love and more love is filling you.

You are Divine Beings living in a physical form. Your Divine Nature has been ignored and forgotten. I love you. I know you.

I am releasing the pain in your vibrational fields. Love is flowing; love is healing you. Inwardly say, “I am the Resurrection and the Life.” Your whole vibrational field is shifting. Your body is transforming.

Changes are taking place at the subtlest levels of your energy fields to support the Divine Truth, the Truth of your Divine Nature, the Nature of your Infinite Life, to support the knowledge you have stored within you.

This world needs knowledge. It has been steeped in ignorance for millennia. The Light is coming forth now to illuminate you and to wake up your inner wisdom, to bring out the strength of your Divine connection with Almighty Mother-Father God. The third eyes are opening. Truth cannot be denied anymore. That is why the whole world is waking up.

This is a time of resurrection, resurrecting the Truth — the Truth that we are all One, the Truth of the dignity that needs to be given to every life-form, the dignity, the respect.

I am the Divine Mother. I am here to remind you of who you are and why you are here and what you carry within you that needs to be offered to the world. Let us proceed. Let us proceed together. Thank you.

Now we are clearing the subtle senses, the ability to perceive deeply the knowledge and wisdom of Truth. Soften in your heart as we break through to the profound Love carried in your heart that can transform anything.

We are breaking open your deep heart, breaking open the deep perception of the Truth, breaking open the deep core of Love to activate it in the human race and change the way life is lived on this planet.

I am the Divine Mother. I come in the name of the Infinite Truth of all Life, and I am awakening you to that. And then I am teaching you how to live in that, live in that joy and peace. I love you.

The Whole World Is Waking Up
From: Ascension Knowledge Meeting
June 4, 2023