Connie tells her experience:
I have experimented with these Tools for many years now, and one of the things that I do now is if I feel sick or feel off-base, or fatigued, I will start saying, “Go into the Light,” and repeat it ten to fifteen times, and it is amazing how the energy shifts. Before I know it, I am feeling fine again.

I am encouraging you to experiment with that. If you are feeling off, tired, or just disgruntled, just try it. Say, “Go into the Light, go into the Light, go into the Light…” even to yourself or other people, it doesn’t matter because you are just saying it inwardly, “Go into the Light. Go into the Light…” I have found it extremely effective for those little instances where I am starting to feel not well or not centered.

A Simple Way To Use The Tools
From: Ascension Knowledge Meeting
May 28, 2023