I am Divine Mother. Any time you feel discord wherever you are, at your work or a party, wherever you are, just close your aura to that discordance so that you can maintain your vibratory integrity and remain centered in your deep Self. When you close your aura it doesn’t mean you are disconnected. It means you have a shield around you that prevents discordance from coming in and agitating your system. You close to any energy that could pull you off your Divine Path.

So now we say and intend that all doors, openings, holes are now closed. The reason we do this over and over again, is that we are training the vibratory field, the auric field and all the subtle aspects of it, to remain firm and strong and in its integrity vibrationally.

Training energy is like training a dog by repetition, by expressing the happiness and kindness. In closing or doing what you asked, it tends to stay closed. So we are training our auras to be strong and vibrant for our own personal protection as we move about in this current vibratory situation on our planet, and for ourselves, so we can maintain our centeredness and move through our life in a centered, empowered way, empowered by our That is why we close our aura frequently as we train the aura to stay strong and maintain its integrity.

Why We Close The Aura
From: Ascension Knowledge Meeting
May 28, 2023