I am Divine Mother. You are going through a huge awakening process on this planet, and the refinement of your nervous system is a necessary and normal aspect of your evolutionary process.

Now feel the physical body. Let your awareness include the many spaces between the organs, the bones, the tissues. There is space in the physical body. Become aware of the subtlety of the nerve cells. Be awed by the physical body. It has grace, light. It has supreme intelligence.

Become aware of the space between the organs, between the cells. Soften into that space. Allow the magnificent physical system to be known, recognized. More awareness is waking up in your physical system.

Now go to any place in your body that is challenged with pain or discomfort and soften there. Find the space in those areas of pain, the space between the muscle fibers, between the cells, and soften.

Your body is becoming awake just as your consciousness is becoming awake.

Healing The Physical Body
From: Empowerment Healing “Healing the Nervous System”
April 1, 2023