I am Divine Mother. You are Divine Beings living in a physical form. You are receiving gifts, gifts from the universe, gifts that want to help you move forward in your life, gifts that want to help you unfold your evolutionary path, your evolution to the highest level of Divine Consciousness. Receive those gifts.

Trust. Your hearts are healing. Your awareness is waking up, waking up to recognize your Oneness, your Unity with all life, waking up to trust, to trust the process of your life’s unfoldment and to choose the paths that will make you grow and become awakened the most quickly. For this is a time on the planet where there is tremendous Grace available, especially to all of those who sincerely want to expand into the spiritual gifts that are already appearing.

You are a Divine Being living in a physical form, and the challenge has been to remember your Divine Nature and lean into it. Lean into it. Your lives are purposeful. It is no mistake that you were born here. You have gifts to give. Love and kindness are two of them, and as you proceed, more subtle gifts will unfold. Knowledge will come to you. Guidance will be clear.

Move from your heart. The heart is most receptive to this knowledge and guidance. Keep softening. This prevents you from contracting and tightening up in such a way that you block the gifts, the knowledge and love that is flowing to you.

I am here, Divine Mother, constantly with each one of you, to support you, to protect you, to push you to expand and to guide you in that expansion.

There is tremendous Light of Divine quality pouring into the Earth at this time, changing everything, changing the way people behave and think. It is shining Light onto the darkness, and the darkness is at first agitated, disturbed, upset. So you see acting out of negativity from some people as they reorient to this tremendous Light that is filling the planet. It is not going away, it is just going to increase.

As you stay in your heart, as you stay connected to the True Self through your meditations, healings, prayers and spiritual practices, you are lifting, lifting your vibration. And what you are, you emanate. You emanate the vibrations of Divinity so that other people can become aware of their inner Divinity and start to behave differently, start to think differently.

Love yourself. Avoid the inner criticism, although I know it is a human habit, but it is the human without the Divine. And you are both human and Divine. So correct those negative thoughts, especially the negative self-talk.

Say nice things to yourself inside. That helps your Divinity expand. If you think you have made a mistake, forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for whatever you have judged yourself for that is in any way putting you down, denigrating you, separating you from God — especially the unworthiness, the beliefs of not being good enough, this consistent beating up of one’s self in one’s inner thoughts.

Apologize to yourself. This will help it change, and it will empower you in the Light that you are and bring you more directly into your Divine Path. I will help. I will be there reminding you, reminding you about how good you are, how wise you are. This is our path. Let us unify. I am Divine Mother. I come in the name of the Infinite Truth.

More Light Is Filling The Planet
From: Ascension Knowledge Meeting
January 29, 2023