I am Divine Mother. You are Divine Beings living in a physical form. The Divinity within you is waking up more and more day-by-day.

I am Divine Mother. I come in the name of Infinite Truth. You are beautiful, worthy, a Divine Being in physical form. Rise up. Trust, this is not a teaching for arrogance; this is a teaching for Love, Divine Love. You are Divine Beings, worthy of Love, worthy of goodness and greatness. Rise up. Stand tall, breathe in the fresh air; receive the sunlight on your skin. It is honoring you; it is blessing you. Breathe it in.

Remember who you are. You are a beautiful being of Light, capable of transforming this planet with Light. You are wise. Your wisdom is inside of you. Invite it to come into your life. You can even say, “Divine Wisdom, come into my life now.” Or you can say, “Divine Wisdom, I call you forth to help me through this challenging time.” (or to help with this beautiful time, or to help with this opportunity I have been given) Or you can say, “Divine Wisdom come through me now to help me with this challenge I am facing.” Invite the Divinity forth in you. Call it forth.

“Ask and ye shall receive” is a law of the universe. Ask, and then soften everywhere so that you can be in receptive mode. And then wait, allowing your answers to come, allowing the answers to flow. They come in all kinds of different ways, usually not in a way that you would expect.

The universe knows what you want and it knows what you need. It is designed to deliver your gifts, and it is designed to help you avoid the pain. So pay attention if you are experiencing pain. Don’t run away from it; don’t suppress it. Inquire about it. Say, “What do I need to learn here, Mother?” Or you might say, “How can I change the trajectory of this event that I sense is coming?” Or say, “How can I change these circumstances so that the highest good can occur for all concerned?” And then listen.

Perhaps your answer will come through an intuition. Perhaps it will come from a phrase you hear someone else speak. The Infinite is unpredictable. The Divine Wisdom is flowing, and it will find a way to reveal itself to you so that you can receive it. Just be receptive, innocently receptive.

Let your heart guide you. Clear your energy field of the discord, just like we are doing today. Clear your system when you notice tension, tightness, heaviness, physical or emotional or mental contraction or pain. Break it up, send it into the light, and pour in the Divine Qualities to yourself and to the situation.

I am with you. I am the Divine Mother. I come in the name of the Infinite Truth. I will help you. I love you. Work with me. Learn to receive my guidance. I am in your heart. Let your attention go to the heart now. Breathe into the heart. Open your heart. Expand. Trust. I am with you. And so it is.

Invite Your Divine Wisdom Into Your Life
From: Ascension Knowledge Meeting
March 19, 2023