I am Divine Mother. Subtle frequencies and energies from subtle planes and Divine sources are filling you, the planet, and human life with Love, Light, compassion, clarity, and breaking through the density that has prevailed for centuries minimizing the energy of the human brain. This is a time of human transformation on your planet, and this infusion of Divine frequencies is part of the survival of the human race. So your Divine Friends are supporting you.

Your Divine Friends are here, those who have been engaged in supporting humanity – a Divine Race climbing up out of the pit it has dug. All our hands are reaching out to you.

You are Divine Beings living in a physical form. Maybe you have not fully recognized that, but I am reminding you. So many humans have forgotten and are lost. But those who remember are lifting the others.

Energy is an influence for good or for bad. Now that you know you can influence in a positive way, please do. Otherwise you experience more pain, fear, and suffering.

This is a time when great transformation is taking place. This project is rolling out because of you. As the momentum increases, it pulls more and more people into its joy and into the creativity of Love.

Divine Frequencies Are Filling The Earth
From: Empowerment Healing: “Waking Up The Brain”
March 4, 2023