I am Divine Mother. The Earth is one of the most challenging places to live in the galaxy. You have put yourself in this position because you are a fast learner. You are appalled by how humans treat each other, but as you can maintain your Divine integrity, you become awakened and become a leader to others who are awakening.

As you hold your internal integrity, you have to make choices to maintain either the pain or the Light. If you hold onto the path of Light, great blessings are received by you and by everyone around you. It is a fast path for awakening. Trust that.

Now soften in your brain and let the subtle brain expand beyond the boundaries of your head. Allow Light to fill the physical brain and the subtle brain that is bigger than the head. Allow more Light.

You are Divine Beings manifesting Light for your brain, your body, your energy field, for the entire world. Trust who you are.

Your life is precious. A great guru said that human life is of infinite value. Don’t throw it away like a piece of spinach. Your life is precious.

We know you have challenges. Call on us, your Divine Friends. You are not alone. You are going through changes. The Divine Nectar, the liquid love helps smooth out the shifts that you are going through – physical, emotional, mental. Call on the liquid love frequently by saying, “Soma”.

Soften into the silence. Soften into the Silent Self. Receive the Divine blessings that are being given to you now.

Trust your Infinite Self. You are a Divine Being living in a physical form. Love your Self. When you love your Self, you are loving me, Divine Mother.

You Can Maintain Your Divine Integrity
From: Empowerment Healing: “Waking Up The Brain”
March 4, 2023