I am Divine Mother. I love you. You are so beautiful. More Light and more Truth are filling you now. Soften into the Divine Love vibration, allowing it to fill your body. Love is flowing into you, healing you, transforming you. Allow the Divine Love.

Let go and free-fall. Remember it is safe to let go in this world of Divine Mother, in this world of Truth, which is soon to become your permanent residence. I don’t mean you have to let go of your body. This is the process of developing awakened consciousness, consistently letting go into that Pure Consciousness, that unbounded Presence. It is becoming a friend. It is becoming your primary support. It is abstract. It is Wholeness. It is Presence, and it is lively and self-aware. And it is always with you.

As we soften, and let go of the constrictions, the tensions, tightness, belief systems of being small and limited, of suffering, the True Self which has always been there wakes up in your experience. It is your safety, your ally. And all these layers and levels are manifestations of it. Your body is a manifestation of it, and all the subtle levels.

This Presence, this Pure Self is everywhere present. Trust. And yet, you can still walk and talk and engage in your business affairs and relationships — with this underlying confidence, self-confidence, with this underlying security. This is increasing in you.

Your Pure Spirit is that pure presence of Wholeness. And your entire system has the capacity to know it. I use the word “know” it because it is not so much about tasting, touching, feeling it, pinpointing it somewhere. It cannot be pinpointed. It is everywhere, and you can know it. Not only can you know it, you can allow it to move you with its wisdom and power, its flow.

The subtle senses are waking up to the deeper beauty of this creation. Any place where the subtle senses are asleep, we are going to shake them out of their stagnancy, wake them up. The senses are capable of a huge dynamic field of perception, but mostly they have just learned to be used for the surface level of the material field. They have access to more levels, more of the beauty of the multidimensional creation and also the knowledge and wisdom that comes with that perception. And that is joyful.

We are waking up the subtle senses so that this whole existence of relativity — time, space, action, doing, striving, and all of that — can be enjoyable, exciting, adventuresome, calling upon all your skills and abilities, wisdom and intelligence. That’s a dynamic life. When you lead that dynamic life and you remember that you are anchored in that Silent Wholeness, that Source-place, it is a joyful dynamism. It is not motivated by fear or pain or unworthiness. This is where I am guiding you. You are having tastes of it already. Some of you are having full meals of it! I love you. Continue. It is beautiful.

Your True Self Is Waking Up
From: Ascension Knowledge Meeting
March 5, 2023