I am Divine Mother. As we cleanse you and heal you and break through the old scars of many lifetimes, you have moments of complete clarity. It starts as moments, even tiny milliseconds of it, then it grows. The milliseconds become full seconds. It increases, the time and the presence increases in you, so that you experience it. At first it may be just for a few moments, a thought like, “Whoa something happened! I stepped out of my pain. I want that back. I want to step out and stay out.” It is happening, increasing.

This is why every week we clear at the level of Pure Spirit — to give you that perhaps only momentary experience of what it is like to be completely awake multidimensionally, on every layer, level, cell of the body, every physical aspect of the material system. And it builds and grows and of course you are thirsty for it because it brings so much peace. It brings so much wonder in terms of awe and also, “I wonder what more I can gain? What more is there for me to receive?”

That is why every week we clear. Even if it is only for a few moments, that Pure Spirit – that fullness of Self — is starting to lock in. Of course it is already there. It is just a matter of awareness experiencing it until it is never lost. It is happening. And this year, it is going to accelerate even more.

The good news is that the Light, the Divine Light, the subtle freedom, is increasing and intensifying. So allow, allow, allow.

Now we are going to wake up the subtle senses so that you can actually perceive what is happening to you, the beauty, joy, and profundity of your life and the life around you, even in the midst of what appears to be a very topsy-turvy time on the planet. Yes, that is the word we are choosing. You know what I mean. And yet that inner stability is available and that Divine Experience is reaching for you. I love you. Stick with me.

Your Moments of Clarity Are Increasing
Ascension Knowledge Meeting
January 15, 2023