I am Divine Mother. The subtle senses don’t just present you with perceptions of things like the devic and angelic kingdoms, they provide you with knowledge, understandings so that you can perceive how everything in the universe fits together in harmony, balancing each other. Great “Ah ha!” experiences can come out of that, and the beautiful thing about it is that it is normal. It’s what you are designed to experience.

It’s important to know that you can perceive the answers to questions. “Ask and ye shall receive.” So if something happens, you can say, “What does that mean?” And then you transcend, you soften and allow the answer to be revealed.

When you are curious about why something is happening or what to do about it, you can ask and receive answers. With a physical condition, you can ask your body. It has answers for you. You could ask, “How do I resolve this?” Then soften and wait. There may be steps to take, and you may receive one step at a time. Then ask, “Now what?”

You need information. All of this is part of developing your subtle senses so that you are connected to not only the beauty and grandeur, but to the knowledge.

I do want to emphasize the significance of softening, settling down, opening deeply, allowing the transcendence. You can cultivate that through your spiritual practices, like meditation or healing (especially Divine Mother Healing).

I am Divine Mother. I come in the name of the Infinite Wholeness. I come in the name of all the expressions of life in the universe. More Divine Light is pouring into your heart. More Love is filling you. More Divine Truth is breaking through. Divine Grace is gifting you with its miracles. The miracles are coming from areas you don’t yet perceive – the subtle Laws of Nature, the grace of the Divine Truth, the power of Divine Love.

Stop doubting. Stop criticizing yourself. You are a part of the entire creation and it’s trying to support you, trying to help you understand your position by teaching you how to flow through this life on Earth with comfort, with joy, with clarity.

Today we are blessing all of the subtle senses. Remember that connecting these senses to the heart is the key. As the senses are filled with Light, the brain is shifting, especially the frontal lobes.

Working with one sense activates the others. Looking at a cashmere blanket, you can “feel” the softness. Your subtle senses are already alive. They’ve been working for you for your whole life.

You can feel the Divinity around you. Often you can feel it when you walk into a sacred place where the Divine has been invoked many times. You can touch God with your subtle senses. You can hear God.

So we will allow the subtle senses to expand, to open, to teach us.

Start saying “yes” to yourself and “yes” to your inner impulses, your inner awareness, your inner knowledge. As you say “yes” to the inner, these subtle perceptions activate in the outer world. They are here to help you maneuver through this life with beauty, with strength.

The senses will help you to receive knowledge, connect you to the physical world around you which is constantly speaking to you, and to the subtle world around you which is constantly speaking to you. They are part of your guidance, your compass, your map. And they are intelligent. They want to help you.

I am Divine Mother. I come in the name of Divine Truth. I come in the name of Divine Love. I love you. I love you. And so it is.

You Can Perceive Answers To Questions
From: Empowerment Healing “Develop Your Subtle Senses”
March 11, 2023