I am Divine Mother. We are breaking the fear structures that have developed in the past. Say, “Break” and then soften. Softening lets you fall into the Infinite Self, the true power in your life.

Break the fear, then soften, dissolving it in that infinity of Self. Live your life walking tall in that infinity of Self. You can handle anything when you stand in that place inside. You are dissolving the fear in the Infinite Self that is just a softening away.

I want you to soften continuously. When the frightening issues come up, soften through them. You are opening into that Infinite Source where all the answers you could ever need in your life reside in potential form. As you soften into that Infinite Self, the waves of Truth rise up to reveal to you the answer you are looking for, or perhaps the next step to take.

When you tighten and tense, you disconnect from that Infinite Self.

The softening brings you back into your True Self again and again until it becomes so stabilized it is never lost. Then nothing can frighten you. You can live a life like that where nothing can frighten you and you can soften into the Infinite Self for all the answers you need. I am teaching you to access it continuously.

Sometimes I say, “let go” instead of “soften”. As you let go, more Light and Truth well up from the depths of your being. I love you. More Love is flowing to you.

The “I” in the “I AM” is the Infinite Self. Don’t let the ego identify as that “I”. That “I” holds all the power, all the answers. You just have to know how to access it. Soften. Open. Let go.

We are working with energy. That’s what our work here is all about. You are working with vibration, frequency, energy. And we are working with Wholeness – the source of all energy, Wholeness – where all of the magic comes from, the real magic.

I am the Divine Mother. You are learning about my life. And you are stepping into it because essentially I am One with you.

Live Without the Habit of Fear
From: Feast of Light
March 28, 2023