I am Divine Mother. I come in the name of Truth. Thank you for bringing this great awakening to this planet. Thank you for forging through. Even when the times are dark, there is still Light and it beckons to you. And you have the courage and perseverance to claim it for yourself and for this whole planet.

Trust, I am here, the Company of Heaven is here, and you are here. We are a grand team working together, waking up the planet, bringing Light and Love, activating Truth.

Goodness is coming to you. Deep goodness. Trust it, it won’t let go of you. It is like water seeping up from an underground source to nourish you, strengthen you, awaken you — awaken you more and more fully because for now you are already very awake, very conscious. That is why you know and value the Ascension. You hold the precious knowledge of life and Love in your hearts. It feeds you; it feeds you through all of the ups and downs of life in this world. Continue to access it.

Its presence is increasing. It is soaking into you, as though you are a sponge for the Light that keeps increasing in your heart, in your third eye, at the crown. Keep softening and expanding.

Love is revealing its secrets to you. Be awake to it, especially now in this season of love that is blanketing the planet with the celebration of the Christ Presence. The Christ Vibration is all about love, and it does not discriminate. It is for everyone, every human being on this planet, to pull in and activate in their own unique, special spirituality. However they experience it, love is universal. Be universal in your love.

Let the love increase as you soften into it. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. You are beautiful. Trust. You have Divine Gifts to give and Divine Gifts to receive. Ask for your Divine Gifts in this season of gift giving. Christmas and Hanukkah celebrate gifting. Allow, give and receive. The golden stars are falling into your lap. Trust, you deserve these Divine Gifts. Then give Divine Gifts in return, allowing the flow. I am the Divine Mother. I come in the name of the Infinite Truth.

Goodness Is Coming To You
From: Ascension Knowledge Meeting
December 18, 2022