I am Divine Mother. Soften into the silence. Give yourself a big dose of silence, letting the brain soak in the silence. Again soften in the face, receiving the silence. I am the Divine Mother. I emerge from this silence. To get to know me well, fall into the silence, and I will reveal my depth to you.

Fall into me. Fall into my life. My life is both silence and flow. Most people just live in the flow, the action, the doing, the going, and all that comes with it. I am inviting you to explore me and my silence. Become one with it so that you never lose it.

And when you never lose this silent being of me in your consciousness, you can never suffer again. You can never be lost again, never be afraid again. You can find every answer to every question you could ever have.

So it is wise to come here into this silence and cultivate its blessings. Cultivate the blessings in the field of action. Trust, trust, trust. There is a secret in the word “trust”, and you will find it. I am Divine Mother. I come in the name of the Infinite Truth.

Fall Into the Silence
Ascension Knowledge Meeting
March 12, 2023