I am Divine Mother. The physical body is transforming. In order to Ascend it must transform. It must allow the Ascension. Soften in your brain. The brain is transforming. It must transform. It is waking up. Soften in the cells of the brain.

You are Divine Beings. You are infinite and Whole, made in the image of God. I keep reminding you of that. Then you can say, “Oh yes, I remember now. Of course I must stop putting myself down, denigrating myself, criticizing myself.” You have to stop doing it so you can step into the Truth, the Infinite Truth, the real Truth, the Truth that never changes — that we are all One. That is the Truth that never changes.

To consciously recognize that Truth is a great boon, is a great step to take. To consciously recognize it is one thing. And then, there is to consciously experience it. And that is another thing. To consciously own that experience is to be awakened, to be enlightened, to be holding the full capacity of your physical ability to be who you are, to be the Truth of who you are.

The ego-mind is letting go. It is unifying with the Divine Mind and letting the Divine Mind guide you. I have said this before and I am saying it again, because as I say it the vibration of it becomes infused into your cells, into your brain, into your synapses, and the old fear reactions dissipate.

We are dissolving the fear and shame reactions that contract you and make you feel small, make you feel like you can’t accomplish whatever it is you want to accomplish. I love you. I want you to accomplish. It is important that we accomplish what you want together.

When the ego-mind thinks it is separate from me everything gets harder. You don’t have access to the Source of success. But with me, I can guide you. It is not just about guiding, it is about infusing the Light into your brain, infusing the Love into your brain. And I will remind you that Love and Light are frequencies, vibrations. They are truly things that can be directed. Just like when we say to the Divine Love, “Pour into me now. Pour into me now.”

As we continue to clear all these levels of your system, eventually they will stay clear. They are already staying clear to a tremendous degree, and we are just scraping the bottom of the pan, to get those frequencies out that have been stuck, attached, that have been so desperately believed in that they are desperately gripping and need to be pried off.

You know when you clean a pot that has had some sticky, gooey, burned on stuff, you have to get your elbow grease behind it and scrub. I am scrubbing you, and it is my pleasure, my joy. And I am teaching you how to scrub yourself with my Divine Tools.

I love you so much. I want you to know everything that I know and then express it in your own unique and beautiful way. For you are not all alike, you are all beautifully designed differently. And when all of those differences are cleansed and cleared you will work in a beautiful, powerful, individual way that is in complete harmony with everyone else’s beautiful, powerful, individual way. And then the progress of this planet, this human race, and its contribution to the creation will be awesome!

The Ego-mind Is Unifying With The Divine Mind
Ascension Knowledge Meeting
November 6, 2022