I am Divine Mother. I come in the name of Truth. I love you. Every time I say, “I love you,” a huge burst of love pours out of me to you. Love is a vibration. Love is an energy. The words “I love you” activate that vibration. The words, “Divine Love is flowing into me now,” activate the flow of Divine Love. You can activate this very subtle energy to create good — good in your life, good in the lives of others.

I now address the pain, and I say to the pain, “I love you!”
When you find some pain within yourself and you say to it, “I love you,” it sends out a big burst of the love energy to heal the pain. All pain wants love. Most pain comes from not feeling you are loved. And it is not just a feeling, it is an action – people treating you in an unloving way, and causing wounds in your system, wounds in your heart, wounds in your emotional field, wounds throughout the body.

When you notice a wound — and it will let you know — it will be a pain somewhere — just say to it, “I love you,” to send that burst of love to the wound for healing. “I love you.” With each “I love you,” there is a vibrational shift. The vibrations of pain are being lifted, shifted, changed.

The belief systems that come along with the pain often have to be dissolved as well. A belief system is an emotion along with a thought. Perhaps the thought is, “I am not good enough,” or “so-and-so hates me.” Send “I love you” to these wounds within your body. Every time you do that, just like anytime you use a Healing Tool, soften afterwards. And if you can remember, soften all through it.

Softening is the way you enter the Unified Transcendent Field. So when you give the instruction, “Go!” and then you follow it up with the softening, it expands you, which means the instruction has the power of the Infinite behind it.

The softening is significant. It empowers the command and activates the healing. The healing is the unboundedness rushing in. The Pure Consciousness, that Transcendental Presence, is acknowledged and then allowed to dissolve the painful contraction of energy.

When you feel a rejection, you feel a contraction, a tightening. You feel that your Self was not valued. So you start to make yourself small as if you are trying to hide.

When you say, “I love you” to your Self, a soft buoyancy fills you, is projected to you. “I love you.” Of course that also happens when you say those words to someone else.

There is so much pain around the experiences of lack of love. Maybe other people, even parents or siblings, have been saying mean things, saying things like, “You are stupid, no good. Get out of here. I don’t like you.” This causes contraction, and the pain builds up. And it affects your self-esteem. You think, “Maybe they are right. Maybe I am bad.” This happens to children and then it continues through adulthood, but the deep scars are often at the childhood level when the self-image is starting to form.

Letting go is another way to enter that Source, that Unified Field. Soften now, let go, and allow the Divine Love; let it flow. Thank you. I love you. We work with Love, the healing power of Love.

All Pain Wants Love
Ascension Knowledge Meeting
December 4, 2022