I am Divine Mother. We will now address the fear coming from the belief in separation from God. We say to it, “Dissolve. I am Divine Mother. I know that you are nothing. Drop this charade. Let go. Come into me. Come into my silent Wholeness. No fear here. I transform everything.”

Come to me. Let go and fall into me. Let me swallow the fear. I am. I AM. I AM.

I am Divine Mother. Stay clear by softening into me, by bringing all fear into my heart. Come into my heart, and you’ll find the fear that you thought you had has evaporated. There is nothing but you. There is nothing but me. You are now me.

In the Infinite Wholeness there are no differentiations. Don’t let fear intimidate you. When you dissolve fear this way, as we just have, situations that frightened you disappear. The situations that created fear in you disappear, dissolve, transform, manifest Light.

That little ego-mind likes to test and says things like, “What about this horrible thing?” Bring it into me, into my heart, softening, flowing into our heart, and soon the confidence in this Truth can never be shaken by something called fear.

Now soften into me more. Intention is enough. Allow the softening. Allow the flow. Everything in the universe is flow, and as you flow, you learn. But the flow of Wholeness, call it Love, is a flow of Infinity. It transforms everything, changes conditions so that they are manageable by you.

Use this flow method, or sometimes we call it softening, to transform conditions in your life that are not pleasing to you. And let the Divine Intelligence work through you to create solutions.

You can change present circumstances that are uncomfortable for you by softening and flowing into them, into your feelings about them, into your thoughts about them that are making you tense, afraid, anxious.

When one flow of energy meets another flow of energy, the first one that you are flowing into with your intention shifts. And if you are flowing from your heart, the power behind the heart creates something for you to enjoy. Try it.

You are going to have some wonderful experiences with your subtle senses. Be innocent. Start to become aware of what is happening on the inner levels of your life. Flow into it.

When you close your eyes, you might notice the play of light and dark. That is energy moving. Investigate it. Learn.

There is so much beauty and grandeur in this creation for you to behold. This is where we are going with this.

I am Divine Mother. I come in the name of the Infinite Wholeness. I am the Christ. I come in the name of Jesus the Christ. I am Babaji, the Yogi Christ. I come in the name of Oneness and Unity.

Thank you. Your transformations are occurring. And so it is.

Dissolving Fear
From: Feast of Light
March 7, 2023