I am the Divine Mother. I come in the name of Truth. You are healing many things at the same time. Trust, the universe is taking care of you. You are like a child in the arms of Divine Mother. We are breaking very subtle structures that are blocking the flow of your life force.

We are releasing you from the bondage to an old concept of yourself. You are being opened, awakened, reminded of your Divine Heritage. Trust, more Love is flowing into you.

I am Divine Mother. Let go, I am here to help you let go. You are letting go of the old painful belief systems that you have had about yourself. These old painful belief systems about yourself have constricted you, tied you up, made you afraid, left you feeling unworthy. I am dissolving all of those beliefs about yourself. I am dissolving them so that you can go forward without being tripped up by self-doubt, self-criticism.

Apologize to yourself for criticizing yourself, like you would apologize to a friend if you inadvertently said something insulting to them. Apologize to yourself right now. Just inwardly say to yourself, “I am sorry for the negative things I have said to you in the past.” Inwardly say to yourself, “I am sorry for criticizing you, when you have always done your best.” Then say to yourself, “I am sorry for undermining you with negative words.” Then say to yourself, “Please forgive me.”

Now say to yourself, “I forgive you,” and use your name. “I forgive you _____
(Joyce, Joe),” whatever. Use your own name. Make it intimate and personal. And soften afterwards, saying, “I forgive you, ___(Bill),” and then soften. Softening expands you. Soften in your heart.

Trust. As you forgive yourself, the wounds that have been inflicted upon you by these harsh critical internal words are healing. Soften into the silence. Again saying, “I forgive you, _____(your name), and then softening. More Light and more Love are pouring into you.

It is time to make peace with yourself. Stop judging yourself. Keep softening, letting go, expanding — in the solar plexus, heart, the throat. We are moving into Love, and Love forgives.

Trust your Infinite Self. Trust the Divine You. Forgive yourself. You are setting
yourself free. We are breaking open all of the hidden places within you that are begging for release.

More Light, more Love, more Truth are pouring into you now. You are breaking through, waking up, transforming. I am Divine Mother and so it is.

Apologize To Yourself
Ascension Knowledge Meeting
February 12, 2023