I am Divine Mother. I come in the name of the Infinite Truth. Receive the Divine Grace. Receive the blessings that are in store for you in this lifetime — many blessings. Trust in the blessings.

I am the Divine Mother. You deserve these blessings. Receive the blessings.
Recognize that you deserve them. Recognize that you deserve highest good for your life and your evolution in every situation. Start looking at everything that happens to you as a blessing. Simply say, “Thank you God, and so it is.” And then let go, soften, don’t resist, stop beating yourself up with your mind.

You create what you think. When you think, “I deserve blessings,” the blessings start flowing in. Or think, “I deserve Divine Grace.”

The key is to soften and receive. When the mind, intellect, ego, are tight and tense, there is a vibrational wall. When you say, “I deserve blessings,” you open up to receive.

I am teaching you how to work with energy. Energy is very significant because everything is made of it. Flowers are made of energy, people are made of energy, the weather is made of energy. When you learn how to work with energy and vibration, you are learning how to change things that don’t serve you;
you are learning how to heal situations that are harsh, harmful.

When I say, “Divine Light is pouring into you,” the Light pours into you. And as you continue to say that, pouring in the Divine Love, Divine Light, Divine Grace, you are activating beautiful, powerful elements which create. In fact, Love, Light and Truth are the most creative energies, and you move them with your attention and intention. And as you practice with them you become more skilled, more skilled at manifestation.

There are many rough things on this planet today. They are made from rough energy. They are made from people’s thoughts and are activating negative conditions. Those who know about energy can change those negative conditions, can dissolve them, break through them, reconstitute those particles of light that have been set in a negative motion, and send them into a positive motion,
movement, energy.

If you ever pour Divine Light or Divine Love into a young child or animal who don’t have as many mental blocks or predispositions to fear, you will see them respond. Animals are a beautiful example. If you have a pet, pour Divine Light into it or Divine Love. If you have an infant or a young child, bring in the Soma Nectar. I am not saying don’t do this with adults, but these children and animals respond immediately, and you can see how you can shift energy and get a different response. Try it, and then try it on your adult friends as well.

And catch yourself when you start flinging negative energy around with your words and thoughts. You can change it. When you notice some old habit of pain slip out of you, you can immediately transform it. You can say, “Cancel that, transform! Light is pouring in!”

I am Divine Mother. I love you.

You Deserve Blessings
From: Ascension Knowledge Meeting
March 26, 2023